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Goan a word associated with the people of goa or in other words people of Goa are called Goans.

Goan people have a unique and separate identity than the rest of india, mainly due to the influence of the portuguese, who ruled Goa for more than four centuries (from 1510 to 1961).

The population of Goa is composed of mainly Hindus and Christians. The native language is konkani, and the other widely spoken language is english. The bonds of language and the Goan identity are strong enough to allow for different religious persuasions. Religious fundamentalism is completely unknown in the state, As seen in places of worship in Goa, where both Hindus and Christians go together, Besides this all the festivals are celebrated by members of both communities with same exuberance.

Goans are very proud of their culture and their love for music, dance, food and festivities is legendary.

Goan Cuisine

Goan cuisine is mostly based on sea food as Fresh Fish, prawns, crabs, lobsters are widely available.

The food is spicy and tasty as it is prepared using chillies, coconut, cashew nuts and indian spices like cumin seeds, peppercorns, turmeric, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger, garlic and coriander seeds.

Apart from seafood pork and beef play an important role in goan cuisine.

The daily meal is fish curry and rice, accompanied by spicy pickles and chutneys and a variety of dishes inlcuding pomfret, shark, kingfish, mackerel and sardines as well as prawns, crab and lobsters which can be grilled or fried. Other delicacies include Pork or chicken vindaloo, chicken cafreal and a variety of cakes and pastries.

The famous Goan dessert's are bebinca, the dodol and the bel (cake). The nevrio (a fried dumpling stuffed with mixture of coconut and jaggery) is made on Ganesh Chaturthi by hindus while christians prepare it on Christmas.

Goa's Local drink is Feni, an alcoholic spirit distilled from coconut or cashew fruits, which is strong and tasty and is beleived to have medicinal properties. Thus, A bottle of Feni can be found in most Goan homes.

All in all Goans are very friendly, One has to be in goa to experience hospitality accompanied by tongue tickling goan cuisine.