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Goa Carnival!

Goa's most famous festival The Carnival is celebrated each year in February, In Asia it is held only in Goa. The portuguese are credited to bring the carnival to goa, which marks the start of the Lenten season, a time of fast and abstinence.

The three day colourful festival of fun and frolic opens up with a huge procession through the streets of panaji. Colourful floats mounted on buses, trucks, trailers and giant flatbeds depict various interesting themes. The floats are accompanied by dances, parades and rhythmic beats of goan and western music.

The float of King Momo, the lord of the carnival and his court is the major attraction of the Carnival.

Fancy dress competitions and dances are held every day during the festival. The Red & Black street dance on the last day of the carnival is popular. The entry to this party is strictly restricted to those wearing red and black combinations of clothing.
                                                                  Many hotels also join the celebrations and organise numerous programmes for the occassion.

The carnival has become an important tourist attraction and large number of tourists come here to enjoy the celebrations. The carnival float parade is led by King Momo, who ceremonially announces at the end of the parade that all sins are forgiven.

On the whole the Carnival festival is a gala time for the goans and is the best time to visit goa.